Victor Valley Christian School

School Safety

Crisis Management Plan

While we have never experienced a serious incident on our campus, we are keenly aware that natural disasters can strike anyone, at any time, and anywhere. The VVCS Crisis Management Plan includes three types of emergency drills, which are conducted on a regular basis. In addition, there are policies in place for a variety of emergency scenarios.

VVCS has large barrels on wheels in each classroom, which are packed with emergency items, such as space blankets, flashlights, batteries, first aid kits, and more. Each child K- 6th grade is asked to prepare an emergency kit, each school year. These kits include food and personal items, which help to ensure that young children will be adequately nourished and made to feel secure. For children in 7th-12th grade, emergency rations are stored in the classroom emergency barrels. An adequate water supply is also preserved on campus, should the need arise for additional hydration.

In the event of an emergency, parents and guardians will be notified by email and/or cell phones, as long as these options are operational. Information on each child’s emergency card will be used to contact the appropriate individuals, should a parent/guardian not be reachable.

There are three major drills, which are conducted on a regular basis. These drills are as follows: Fire Drill, Earthquake Drill, and Lock Down. There are currently 16 codes, followed by procedures, which are used to address the following emergency situations:

Evacuation Plan
Take Cover
Medical Crisis
Weapon on Campus
Bomb Threat
Stranger on Campus
Hostage Situation
Power Failure
Animal Threat
Hazardous Material Spill
Riot or Fight
Severe Weather
Suicide Threats
Parking & Traffic Procedures

Traffic procedures are in place to ensure the safety and well being of all students, families, and visitors. Thank you in advance for adhering to these procedures.

Speed Limits:

The speed limit on Balsam and Nisqualli (school zone area) is 25 mph, during school hours.
The speed limit in the school/church parking lots is a 5 mph maximum.
Entering and Exiting Parking Lot:

Please obey all posted entrance and exit signs.
Between the hours of 7:30 – 8:30am, and 3:00 – 3:30pm, the southernmost driveway is only an exit out of the parking lot.

For school drop off or pick up use the East Parking lot.
Entrance to the East parking lot, adjacent to Balsam Rd., is located at the farthest northernmost end of campus, directly in front of the Extreme modular building.
Drop off/Pick up is located directly in front of the Gym. If you wish to exit your vehicle, stay to the left of the cones, and park in any available parking spaces. If you wish to remain in your vehicle, stay to the right of the cones, along the curb.
Entrance to our southernmost parking lot is located directly off of Nisqualli Rd. No left turns across Nisqualli traffic are permitted.
Our West parking lot can be entered via Mariposa Rd.
Please be extremely careful at all entrances and exits.
Blocking Traffic

No stopping or blocking traffic at any time.
Drivers must pull into a parking space, if they plan on waiting for any period of time. This would include watching a student walk toward the building, or walking them to class.
Remain to the left of the coned area when either parking, exiting a parking space, or moving toward the west parking lot. NO DROP OFF IS PERMITTED IN THIS AREA.
To drop off a student, please remain to the right of the cones (along the Gym).

All student drivers must use the east parking lot.
Only those who possess an official handicapped parking permit (sticker or signage) may park or stop in a handicapped parking space.
Parking in a red zone is prohibited by law.
Do not leave a vehicle unattended, while the engine is running. Remember to take all of your personal belongings with you, and to lock your vehicle, before leaving the area.
Never leave an infant or small child in a locked car, even with the engine running, for any length of time.